Bar Tucker

Jacket Potatoes

All jackets are served with a fresh salad

Cheese  £3.50

Beans  £3.50

Tuna Mayo  £3.75

Coleslaw  £3.75

Chilli  £3.75

Extra Toppings  +50p


All baguettes are served with home-made chips

Sausage & Onion  £3.95

Tuna Melt  £4.75

B.L.T.  £4.750

Char-grilled Chicken & Bacon  £5.50

Char-grilled Steak & Onion  £5.50

Loaded Chips

Home-made chips loaded with your choice of the following:

Cheese £3

Char-grilled Bacon  £3

 Chilli  £3.25

Napoletana Sauce  £3.25

Tucker Boxes

A quick snack to keep you going; all served with our home-made chips  £5.95

Char-grilled Chicken Wings

Chicken Dippers



A fresh salad loaded with your choice of the following:

Char-grilled Chicken and Bacon £7.25

Char-grilled Shrimp £7.95

 Char-grilled Steak £7.95

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