The Bluey Burger

100% 8oz Beef Burger; Fried Egg; Raw Onions; Grated Cheese; Lettuce; Tomato; Mayonaise

served with Home-made Chips


Upsize Options 

Swap your Beef burger for a Kangaroo burger  +£1

Beetroot  +40p    Pineapple  +40p   Bacon  +£1  Pulled Pork  +£1.50

The Fully Loaded V8 Burger

2 x 100% 8oz Beef Burger; 4 x rashers of Bacon; Home-made Pulled Pork; 

2 x Grated Cheese;  Raw Onions; Lettuce; Tomato; 

served with Home-made Chips


Burger Me!

Veggie Burger  £5.45

Beef Burger  £6

Breaded Chicken Burger  £6

Kangaroo Burger  £7

Add Cheese +40p 

Add chips +50p 

All the above burgers are served on a bun with lettuce, tomato and raw onion and a serve of home-made chips

Upsize Your Burger

Extra burger (each)  +£1.50

Beef Burger;  Veggie Burger;  Kangaroo

Extra cheese  +£50p  each

Cheddar; Blue Stilton; Mozzarella;

Extra Toppings  +50p

jalapenos;  fried egg;  fresh mushrooms; beetroot; pineapple; fried onions; gherkins;  fried mushrooms; 

Extra Toppings 

mayo; ketchup; burger relish; salad cream; sweet chilli; BBQ; garlic mayo

Premium Toppings

onion rings; hash browns; bacon; coleslaw  +£1 each

 pulled pork  +£1.50 

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