Evening Menu


Breaded Jalapenos Mozzerella Sticks (v) served with a selection of dips  £2.95

Soup of the Day home-made soup served with a small tin loaf  £2.95

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms (v) sliced mushrooms in a creamy garlic sauce served with warm crusty bread  £2.95

Shrimp on the Barbie char-grilled whole shrimp on a bed of salad served with a Marie Rose dip  £4.95

Skewered Mini Kangaroo Kebab chunks of char-grilled kangaroo skewered with capsicum, mushrooms and onion 

served on a bed of salad with a yoghurt and mint dip  £5.95

Char-Grill Mains

5 oz Beef Rump  £5.95

8 oz Beef Rump  £9.95

10oz Beef Sirloin  £14.95

10oz Beef Rib-eye  £15.95

8oz Kangaroo Fillet  £14.95

20oz Mix Grill: 3oz Beef Rump; 4oz Gammon; 4oz Pork Steak; 3oz Lamb Steak; 

4oz Jumbo Sausage; 2oz black pudding; and a fried egg £12.95

 16oz T-bone  £19.95

8oz Beef Fillet  £19.95

Exotic Mix Grill Special A selection of 3 exotic meats; an exotic burger and an exotic sausage  £29.50  or 2 for £50

Exotic Meat of the Week  Please ask staff for details

All of the above are served with our home-made chips or jacket potato and salad or tomatoes, mushrooms and peas

Please Note: All weights are prior to cooking, products are subject to availability.  Prices are correct at time of publishing. 

Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available upon request, as is a full list of allergens.


Aussie-Style Chicken Parmigiana

a char-grilled chicken breast finished in the oven with a tomato and melted cheese topping  £9.95

Upsize Options: + Pineapple  + 40p    + Bacon  + £1

Ned Kelly Chicken

a char-grilled chicken breast finished in the oven with a bacon, melted cheese and BBQ sauce topping  £9.95

Char-grilled Fish Steak of the Week

 Ask Staff for Details

Side Orders

Bread Roll & Butter  £1

Home-made Onion Rings (small) £1.50

Char-grilled Corn-on-the-Cob  £1.95

Salad Bowl  £1.95

Home-made Garlic Bread  £1.95

Home-made Cheeesy Garlic Bread  £2.45

Home-Made Onion Rings (large)  £2.50

Home-Made Chips  £2.50

+ Cheese  + 50p    + Bacon  + 50p

Home-made Sauces

Peppercorn £1.95; Diane £2.95Port & Stilton £2.95 


A selection of Hot and Cold Desserts  Please ask staff for details

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