Exotic Steak Range 

Please Note: We require a minimum of 5 days advance notice for any orders from our exotic steak range to avoid disappointment and all products are subject to availability.

If you would like exotics, but have not pre-ordered, your choice will be limited to what we have in, and there will be a 45 minute wait for it to be prepared and cooked.

We accept both orders by phone (01773) 689 106 or by email or you can drop it in to us Bluey's.

Below is a list of the available exotic meats and fish.

Exotic MeatsAlpaca; Bison; Buffalo; Camel; Crocodile; Elk; Goat; Guinea Fowl; Horse; Iberico Pork; Kangaroo; Llama; Mouflon; Ostrich; Frog; Partridge; Pheasant; Quail; Rabbit; Snail; Squirrel; Python; Reindeer; Rose Veal; Wild Boar; Wood Pigeon; Zebra

Exotic Fish: Barramundi; Blue Shark; Hake; Snoek; Kingklip; Mahi Mahi; Marlin; Monkfish; Perch; Pangasius; Plaice; Red Snapper; Swordfish; Tilapia; Yellow-fin Tuna 

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