Reviews and Testimonials


"Just returned after having the best Kangaroo Steak. Everything cooked to perfection. Highly recommend.  Looking forward to going back."  Bluey says:  Good to know you enjoyed it.

"If my main meal comes out as nice as that starter, I'm never leaving here!" Bluey says:  No worries... we've got comfy couches!

"We had the char-grill chicken, and the fish and chips.  We will highly recommend your restaurant" Bluey says:  Thank you, it's appreciated.

A recent review on  "Great hosts and superb sides - including home made chips - which you don't get at many places.  This place serves kangaroo, steaks, ribs and other Aussie plates - nice for somewhere different and very reasonably priced.  Bluey says:  DerbyshireBliss, so pleased you enjoyed your visit here, and thank you for your kind words.  Look forward to seeing you again. 

"The other night for my dinner, I consumed the most succulent, flavoursome, tender piece of fish I have ever had in my life.  Head Chef Dan deep-fried a generously sized piece of cod loin fillet that had been delicately coated in Poet's Tipple beer batter, and then placed it on a bed of rocket, accompanied by his amazing hand-cut chips.  I only wish I'd take a photo before ravenously devouring this feast for one!  Thank you very much!"  Bluey says:  Fantastic feedback, thank you!

"That meal was absolutely delicious!  We can't wait to come back again." Bluey says:  Hopefully see you soon.

"That was the best rump steak I have eaten in years!" Bluey says:  Good-oh, look forward to seeing you again.

"Found a new favourite place to eat.  Beautiful Kangaroo steak.  Lovely food." Bluey says:  You can't beat a lovely piece of Roo cooked correctly! 

A recent review on  "If you love an adventre - food wise - then Bluey's is a must   We had crocodile, kangaroo and camel steaks which were delicious.  The owners were friendly, helpful and very accomodating.  The sides, starters and puds were lovely and the range of drink is excellent.  Give the place a go - you won't be disappointed!"  Bluey says:  Thank you very much Big Simone! Very glad you enjoyed your visit.

"Really really enjoyed the zebra meat I had last night.  It was so tasty, and cooked to perfection (as always).  And I love, love love the chocolate mousse!  Had a great night, but then we always do at your place." Bluey says:  Yes, Chef Dan's home-made chocolate mousse is very popular.  I'm pleased you enjoyed yourself.

"I love the new menu.  I will definitely be back!"  Bluey says:  Cheers!  Chef Dan put a lot of thought into his menu, good to know his hard effort paid off.

"Some of your beverages are the cheapest in town! But the service and atmosphere is much nicer here at Bluey's." Bluey says:  Cheers, see you soon.

"The atmosphere here is amazing!  There's something about this place.  We simply can't wait to come back."  Bluey says:  We love Bluey's too.

"Our food was really well cooked and nicely presented.  The wine was very quaffable too.  If you like food and wine that speaks for itself with no p}retence or snobbery, then this is the place to go." Bluey says:  Thank you for your kind words.

"Our son brought your menu home, so we decided to come to you for our anniversary.  I'm so glad we did, and we will definitely be back! " Bluey says:  Happy Anniversary, I'm glad to know you enjoyed it.

"No matter which way I cut my steak, it just melts like butter.  The Char-grill Menu was well recommended!" Bluey says:  Great news!  A steak cooked like that is just so satisfying isn't it. 

"After visiting Bluey's for the first time a couple of months ago, we thought we would pay a return visit and try out the new Chargrill menu ... It was a fantastic evening on both counts.  The food was excellent and the service from Bluey's team was great."  To read the full review, please visit Amber Valley Info.  Bluey says:  Thank you team Amber Valley Info, we were pleased to entertain you.

"Amazing food, fantastic service.  We will come back, and bring our friends and family too! Loving the imported Aussie lagers too"  Bluey says:  So pleased you enjoyed the Aussie Lagers.

"That steak was cooked to perfection.  Absolutely spot on.  Will definitely be recommending your services."  Bluey says:  Brilliant, thank you.

"The plate look amazing from a distance, but up close, even better - and the taste, oh, simply amazing!" Bluey says: Cheers, Chef Dan puts so much into his presentation.

"Could we have that all over again, please?!" Bluey says:  Most definitely!

"I've got to tell you, that meal was absolutely delicious.  Absolutely delightful." Bluey says: And that's as it should be, we strive to ensure every meal is as good as the next."

"After a couple of previous visits to Bluey's in Alfreton, we decided to visit them again on Saturday night for a celebration meal, and again we were not disappointed.  When we ordered, we were given the option of going off menu, and while I decided to stick to my [beef] steak, my wife decided to try the zebra."  To read the full review, please visit Amber Valley InfoBluey says:  Again, team Amber Valley Info, thank you for your kind words.

"Thank you so much for a lovely evening, we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."   Bluey says:  You're more than welcome, look forward to seeing you again.

"Peroni on draught, decent steaks cooked properly - I am now a very happy man!!" Bluey says: a man of my own ilk - Peroni is my favourite draught lager.

"10 out of 10 as always.  Thank you so much!" Bluey says:  No worries!

Excerpts from a recent review on  "I was in Alfreton with some customers going out for a end of year dinner in appreciation of a year's good business together.  They suggested Bluey's.  I'm glad they did... Blue's wife greeted us and introduced the drinks tous allowing a small sample of unusual ones first.  Then we sat and looked at the menus... I opted for the Kangaroo steak which tasted great... it was very tender and beautifully cooked... We decided to go for deserts too - home made and served in generous tasty oprtions... On the way out we chatted to Blue - a Pom who.. with his Aussie wife recently set this place up.  I wish them well!"  Bluey says:  Thank you for your glowing review TrevMK.

"We decided to have an evening out at Bluey's Aussie Bar & Bistro in Alfreton last night.  We had a great meal, perfectly cooked meat, well presented and accompanied by a nice selection of veg.  We then finished off with a fantastic home-made chocolate mousse.  Bluey's does a great range of Aussie wines to suit all budgets, but the best of it is, all the wines are available by the glass, so if you want to try one of the nicer wines, you don't have to buy the bottle."  To read the full review, please visit Amber Valley InfoBluey says:  Thank you Amber Valley Info, good to know your visit to us was enjoyable.  Looking forward to your next visit.

"Great food in lovely surroundings.  Wonderfully friendly staff.  Highly recommend." Bluey says:  Thank you!  Please come again.

"What a lovely place you have here, and the leather couches are so comfortable.  We will be back!" Bluey says:  Aren't they just.  I have even been known to fall asleep in t hem myself.  Hope to see you soon.

"I'm glad my wife persuaded me to come.  All of our meals were absolutely lovely.  I cannot fault any of it at all." Bluey says: Good-oh!  So glad you enjoyed it.

"You're chips are to die for!  If this is the standard of your chips, the rest of the menu must be amazing!!!Bluey says: Too right!  We cook everything to order, and everything is made fresh by our kitchen staff.  I love the chips, especially when they're cooked in beef dripping!

"This is the best mixed grill I've ever had, and I'm a connoisseur of mixed grills.Bluey says: Fantastic, glad you've enjoyed it.

"My wife and I spent some years living out in Australia.  I've got to say, you've got that welcoming, laid back comfortable feel down exactly right.  We can't wait to come again.Bluey says: we like it, but we're biased!  So pleased you enjoyed it.